some songs that you shoul listen ;D

miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011


Well...I should have do so much things...but i'm losing the time in this blog... today I will have a great day because i will go to Viña del Mar International Song Festival...I'm so happy for that, I have much luck... well in fact of this, I will go right now to prepare me :P

PD: Down of the name and description of this blog, there is a playlist ;)
listen it!' so cool, have rock and hiphop and dance songs...i don't hope you like it ;) hahaha, really... this don't mind To me... ///Just.. i love it, if you too, good good
someday i will put more songs ;)

PD 2: the first song it's amazing..this kid is so brilliant!! don't you think it? ;D


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