some songs that you shoul listen ;D

jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Girlz time :/ ... ////have a thinking time today

I want make my first short but deep reflection, here in my blog

Think about this, would you believe in the word of your lover,boyfriend..mmh your friend with benefit or simply a friend...i don't know xD.Etc Etc?
---I am refering.,...many boys could say to you that you are his true love, or the best of his life, or that you are 'the only one', etc etc, ... but could you trust him meanwhile there are so many bitch or slut in the world?... i don't know... but, people say that this is a 'tentation' so big that boys forget what they said you and they engage with "other".
---For this is dificult trust in someone... "it is difficult to advance or move when there is TRASH on the way" - Me :B
I pray for, if is possible, this will never happen to me, for to find a good guy, and for help me to open this fearful heart that have fear of to love. For this I don't wish that he will be beautiful, millionaire, perfect, etc,etc... i only ask to God that will put in my way the correct guy.
Also for you, buddies, I hope that you will have in your life a guy,who love you without conditions, who don't look other girl if there is someone really nice "on the road", and who never lie about this,because it's a trouble that would kill the heart each day, everyday.

domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Shakiro meets Shakira, and sing together ''Gitana'' (Gypsy)

little time ago came Shakira to Chile to give an amazing concert =D...and to meet the 'chilean Shakiro' xD!
Shakira is so cute and sympathetic! .. (L)

sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

SuperMoon on Saturday March 19, 2011 :O (Today at 8:00 o'clock)

     Today I want write something that catched my attention special event will ocurr today and i don't want missed it ...neither i don't want wait 20 years more for see it, if i can see it now =P 
    Today will occur the
of the Moon around the Earth is slightly elliptical and its two sides are called apogee and perigee, this is when the satellite is farther away or closer to our planet, respectively. This phenomenon occurs because the Moon's orbit is not circular, and this makes their distance from our planet is not always the same. This time will be as close to what has been almost 20 years.     
       Always, has said that
every time it happens the closer Earth to this moon pattern, some changes occur from the weather, according to the American astrologer Richard Nolle, the "Supermoon" wreaks havoc on our planet: big storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and
other natural disasters. Events like this occurred in the years 1955.1974, 1992 and 2005 and during all these years,a extreme weather events occurred. The tsunami that killed thousands people in Indonesia occurred two weeks before the "Supermoon" in January 2005. And on Christmas Day 1974, the 'Cyclone Tracy' had devastated Darwin, Australia.
       Curiously, the March 11, 2011 just witnessed a natural disaster event, the earthquake in Japan, it triggered a deadly tsunami which ended with thousands of lives. And it had a strong impact in another parts of the world.
       Coincidence? Definitely, we still have much to learn about the moon and its effects on Earth.
What will be the effects that this "super moon" would have on the electromagnetic and gravitational fields of our planet this year?

Simulation of Supermoon with the full moon of March 19,2011 =)!!

For Linkin Park fans!!! :DD /// I love this you like it, too? ♥ :D..

Wooah! Linkin Park♥♥♥..///.if you don't like this band..really really ..u r nerd xD

hahahahaaha watch the minute  2:17  xD ... people begin to sing loudly..and the main singer had to shut them up  xD LOL  // Amazing concert!! so much people there! =O~~

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

When i listened this song... ='/ ... ///It's beautiful

♫ ...but baby that's just me...And I will love you, baby, always
and I'll be there forever and a day..ALWAYS
 (...) I know when I die, you'll be on my mind..and I love you..Alwayyyss ♫ ='/

Exactly :3

RIHANNA IS SO PRETTY GIRL(///nice voice,body, personality...& i feel identified with his songs :3).....ONE OF MY FAVORITE ARTIST =D

♫ Easy for a good girl  TO GONE BAD...
And once we've gone (gone)
There's belief we've gone forever...
Don't be the reason,Don't be the reason
You better learn how to TREAT us RIGHT...
Cause onces a good girl goes bad...We die forever ♫ ;)

viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Tsunami and earthquake in Japan 2011: More than 20 countries on alert :( !

A destructive earthquake of 8.9 magnitude hit the coasts of Japan and has led a dangerous tsunami that threatens to affect up to 20 coastal states (Including to Chile =( !!...)
The planet is rocked by the dangerous consequences of an earthquake in northern Japan on Friday March 11, 2011.

Japanese neighbors and friends, please be calm...
We're praying for you :')

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

This is a video worthy of being in a freak blog. xD..haohaohaha

He is Rodolfo
Burgo, he has surprised to Chile and to the world with his interpretation of the themes of pop star (Shakira) in the Chilean program, 'I am' of Mega TV.

The skills of the boy, who has been nicknamed "Shakiro" have allowed him to stand very well on social networks, where it is 'trending topic'(twitter) or topic of the moment in their country
(fraction of the above video description)

martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


Be a woman is passion, tenderness and strength

Why do we have to celebrate? Because more than a century, a group of revolutionary women, fought all for gender equality in the workplace, to occupy a worthy place in society and their full development as a person.
Thanks to those women who demonstrated for their rights, (as they did during the French Revolution, a group of Parisian women marched to the palace of Versailles to demand their right to vote) today, we can say with pride, that we increasingly occupy prominent positions in various social spheres.

Well, apart of this, guys, listen me :
A woman is a delicate, take care of her!
a woman wanna give love, LOVE her!
a woman is sensitive, protect her! :D

a fantastic song

she is alicia keys, is very pretty and have a good good voice :D
But, of all her songs, specifically i like this soooo muuuch. Just see the lyrics below (I put underline in the phrases more important for me ) :

Verse 1:
You could buy me diamonds
You could buy me pearls
Take me on a cruise around the world
(Baby you know I'm worth it)
Dinner lit by candles, run my bubble bath
Make love tenderly to last and last
(Cause baby you know I'm worth it)

Wanna please, wanna keep, wanna treat your woman right
Not just talk to but show
That she knows she's worth your time
You will lose if you choose to refuse to put her first
She will and she can find a man
Who knows her worth

Cause a real man knows a real woman when he sees her
And a real woman knows a real man
Ain't 'fraid to please her
And a real woman knows a real man always comes first
And a real man just can't deny
A woman's worth
(Mmmm mmmm....)

Verse 2:
If you treat me fairly, I'll give you all my goods
Treat you like a real woman should
(Baby I know you're worth it)
If you never play me
Promise not to bluff

I'll hold you down when shit gets rough
(Cause baby I know you're worth it)

She walks an extra mile with smile
All the while being true
Don't take for granted the passions
That she has for you
You will lose if you choose to refuse to put her first
She will and she can find a man
Who knows her worth

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
No need to read between the lines aloud for you
Just hear this song
Cause you can't go wrong when you value
A woman's, a woman's, a woman's, a woman's

Repeat Chorus 2x