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miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

This is a video worthy of being in a freak blog. xD..haohaohaha

He is Rodolfo
Burgo, he has surprised to Chile and to the world with his interpretation of the themes of pop star (Shakira) in the Chilean program, 'I am' of Mega TV.

The skills of the boy, who has been nicknamed "Shakiro" have allowed him to stand very well on social networks, where it is 'trending topic'(twitter) or topic of the moment in their country
(fraction of the above video description)

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  1. Hi Our secret!!!! I´m the blogger of TooOftenForgotten, my english is very bad xD Yes, I´m also speak spanish in really. But now, in your blog, I practise english ok?? Jajaja, it´s very cool, I´m never practise English in blogger ;) This is my first comment in English o.O

  2. wooa! :P
    that's so cool! This is a language so essential in these days....that we should learn it and practice it continuously
    okay, you can practice here :P!
    of course you can ask me about your doubts when you want. but,you write quite good, only you need to correct a few details ;)!
    bye bye chispitas :D! I SEE YOU IN YOUR BLOG ;) :P