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jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Girlz time :/ ... ////have a thinking time today

I want make my first short but deep reflection, here in my blog

Think about this, would you believe in the word of your lover,boyfriend..mmh your friend with benefit or simply a friend...i don't know xD.Etc Etc?
---I am refering.,...many boys could say to you that you are his true love, or the best of his life, or that you are 'the only one', etc etc, ... but could you trust him meanwhile there are so many bitch or slut in the world?... i don't know... but, people say that this is a 'tentation' so big that boys forget what they said you and they engage with "other".
---For this is dificult trust in someone... "it is difficult to advance or move when there is TRASH on the way" - Me :B
I pray for, if is possible, this will never happen to me, for to find a good guy, and for help me to open this fearful heart that have fear of to love. For this I don't wish that he will be beautiful, millionaire, perfect, etc,etc... i only ask to God that will put in my way the correct guy.
Also for you, buddies, I hope that you will have in your life a guy,who love you without conditions, who don't look other girl if there is someone really nice "on the road", and who never lie about this,because it's a trouble that would kill the heart each day, everyday.

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  1. Pff...that more complicated topic... Many boys say to you "true love", "you are perfect"... yes, but sometimes this is a lie. because I also want a boy, not perfect, just simple and affectionate, they do not lie, but at the present time almost no longer exist ... Just in the fairy tales :( If I were a boy, probably I won´t trust in he because in present, you´re right, is true that many bitches and whores xD (many of my friends are so) :P I wish with all my might to find a boy who really loves me for who I am...

    cost me a lot writing this comment xD ... BYE :)

  2. I wanted to say all that Chispitas said. I want a boy that loves me like if I´m his life. But that type of lies are also on friends and it´s a really serious problem front my point of view.

  3. Chispitas,I congratulate you! you pawned a lot this time in your comment ^-^ .And,I agree with you when you say : "Just in the fairy tales". But, are we correct in thinking about that this type of guys are only in a fairy tale?
    (BECAUSE MAYBE JUST IT'S THAT WE SHOULD SEARCH, or not?)..Pff, this topic makes me pretty sad (in this case pretty means 'muy' or 'bastante' ;)
    Sansui, yes really it's a trouble... but what can we do? :(
    I wish you (to both) good luck in your love life ♥♥♥